How to Ace Your Golf Putt Game with Tried and Tested Putting Drills

Once you have decided to take up golf all that matters the most is to know the techniques. It is vital to invest time in finding the right club, course, and most important mentors for you to go up in proficiency of the game.

However, when it comes to golf, investing in necessary golf bags, with five to six golf clubs, including irons and wedges, plays a vital role. The game of golf is all about style and bringing in charisma as you hit the best putts in the greens.

Shop for Golf club headcover set from brands like Hewolf to protect the golf clubs and take care of the way you strike the putts one after the other too. It will not help if you are just mindlessly marking one strike after the other. For a caddie to become superior in the game, it is essential to know the putts and work on the drills till he or she gains some level of confidence in it.

Putts to Drill and Go Ahead

Prior to setting the tees and hitting the ball for low scoring putts, just remember a few things. In the initial phase of your learning the ropes as a caddie, you would need concentration. In order to block the other people or things in the sides or even crowd of spectators, just focus by placing hands on either side of your eyes as horse’s blinkers and look at the ball and the marker.

Next is to practice your putting drills and make trials using simple techniques as well in your free time.

Now let us check out the drills to try out to ace your putting game.

  • Try to start focusing on this drill. Place two markers halfway between your position and the hole and hit the ball. If the ball goes successfully in between these two markers and even enters the hole, you have a point. This is an ideal game like a drill that you can give yourself points on achieving. If you just have yourself to practice your shots, try to note the number on a notebook and do this daily to see your improvement.
  • Place small cups or boxes around the hole and start hitting the balls. You can try keeping all around the hole or at varying distances near the hole to ensure that you hit the balls successfully into the boxes. However, if you aim well and have the ball roll or fly into the hole directly, you can score more.
  • Try not to understand the distance of the putt and the hole by standing behind the ball. Just have the putter’s head on your side and with a sweeping, motion takes a strike to hit it into the hole. This drill is all about predicting in your mind and by rehearsing this style mentally, before hitting the putt.
  • The clock putt drill is a drill that many caddies have found extremely helpful in hitting the 3ft to 8 ft holes. It might happen that many a times, the long distance or away ones happening with ease but the shortest 4ft ones or lesser not happening that frequently. Instead of underestimating this short putts, try to practice with the clock putt drill. With this, you can simply place 12 balls around the hole with 2-3 ft distance between each of them and from the hole. Start hitting with the closest ones and then move backward. Replace the ball in the same position if you fail to put it into the hole. This way, you will get enough practice on every range of putts.
  • Many times, straight putts in short range can be more time-consuming. So, have the balls from a dispenser and keep hitting from the tee at a distance of just 2 or 3ft from the hole. Failing to hit any would mean that you begin from the first.

With so many tools available on the internet and with the presence of so many talented caddies, you can simply pick up the putts in no time. However, what matters the most is practice and plenty of it too.


-Thomas Castillo

Content Writer


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