How to Dress for Success on the Golf Course?


If your world revolves around the game of golf, and your dream is to hit a Birdie, surely you are at the right place. We understand the passion that you put in and the time you hit and watch your golf ball fly ‘away’. However, in a hot summer weekend, when you go to hit the tee, do you feel sweaty and distracted? Well, we do not blame you.

What are the factors to select the most suited golf clothes?

  • Wear breathable fabrics: Lightweight cotton and polyester t-shirts are absolutely fine and breathable. It just ensures that you do not feel sticky after every shot. Few reputed golf retailers have a vast collection of some of the most comfortable t-shirts with collars and other details.
  • Offers UV protection: It is vital to protect your skin from any dangers of exposure in the sun so are the shirts with UV protection.
  • Smart and tailored shorts: Wear well-fitted pair of Dockers style shorts. These shorts should not be the typical beach shorts or hot pants.
  • Trousers: Most of the golf courses might prevent wearing denims or track pants. Rather, properly tailored pair of trousers is the only type that is allowed on various courses.
  • Golf bags: These days, golf retailers sell proper kits comprising of golf bags and around five clubs in them along with the golf balls and tee wheat.

Besides this staple golf attire, one might go for the stylish pair of sunglasses and watches too, to complete a gentlemanly-appearance.

What styles of shirts can swing luck in your favor?

While a few might simply play to relax, the others might just have a focus to win nothing but the US Open. Whether you are looking for a club level championship or an international championship, you have to dress up well.

Talking of shirts, here are a few options to pick from for your convenience.

  • Long sleeved cotton shirts: These shirts in black and white from the house of England Trendy have it all to ring in success. The first big point is that these shirts are full sleeved and hence eliminate the chances of getting sun burnt arms. Secondly, the breathable cotton fabric with the enigmatic polka dotted designs goes well with anyone who loves to be playful all the while breaking existing records in golf.
  • Half sleeve polyester tops: Who does not prefer wearing the breathable Polo neck t-shirts from Jampelle? The shirt gets half sleeves and a neckline to swoon by. The overall black body gets accented midnight blue collar and the white variant gets black highlights in a similar fashion. This is ideal for those who prefer to keep it straightforward and do not like to mince words. The fabric is polyester, which is soft on skin and completely fuss-free.
  • Half sleeve cotton blends tops: The cotton blends fabric has taken the world by a storm since it is classy. Unlike cotton, this gets sheen of its own and the designers from Jampelle have put in the hard work to make it great. The collared neck and the button hole accents make the shirt unique.
  • Round neck t-shirt: The O-Neck is probably allowed in your golf course and so you cannot wait to get into your quirkier self by slipping into this t-shirt once more. With the Evolution of a Man graphic embossed on the chest, this t-shirt gets half sleeves and very light fabric material.

Sunglasses to pick for the next big match:

  • Polarized sunglasses: Shades in red, grey, and blue are the talking points of this pair of rectangular shaped polarized sunglasses from 20/20. They are protective and perfect accessories with a cool look written all over it.
  • Polarized folding bracelet sunglasses: This pair of sunglasses gets folding arms that are easy to fold and carry, and perfect for outdoor sporting activities. They come in various colors, which add to the cool factor.

These are not all, but two of the primary fashion needs that every golfer who knows his shots can try out and hit it high and far. Success only comes to those who actually welcome it with open arms and hearts.


-Thomas Castillo

Content Writer

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