How to Earn a Golf Scholarship

A high school student who is equally good in academics and sports like golf can look forward to acquiring golf scholarship. Top scholarship programs exist under the NCAA and that is aimed at encouraging the budding students who show promise as a golf caddie too. There are various reasons why people do not think twice before going for these golf scholarships. There is huge prospect of earning cool scholarships that even fund your college education if you have the passion for golf and education at the same time.

Increasing the Chances of Getting the Scholarship

You have the chance of applying for the Scholarships and getting in touch with your coach right from your high school years. Contacting them and updating them regarding all the tournaments you are playing and the positions you are winning would be valuable.

NCAA checks if you have cleared all the core subjects in high school, and have cleared the Standardized tests like ACT or SAT, and you have graduated from an accredited high school. Post these checks, you are free to go ahead. Nevertheless, you would need to ensure that you have at least participated in over ten multi-day tournaments.

All about the Tournaments to Play and Qualify

While it becomes a difficult job to balance education and sports at the same time, many do it and so it is not impossible. Try to fit in many tournaments during the summer and it does not matter even if all are not major events. Do not miss out any result on your Junior Golf Scoreboard. If the score is there, then make sure that you take down the exact score down and submit it to the coach while contacting with him. It is absolutely necessary to get the facts right since the coaches would do a background check and any disparity in the numbers might not be pleasant.

What Schools Offer Scholarships

It is common knowledge that everyone must have that not all the scholarships would be full in amount and there might be partial scholarships too. In fact, a few programs do not even have any scholarship for the academics. They just have partial or full athletics scholarships.

Likewise, every coach in a big university or college has his or her own scholarship amount allotment. He may have the amount fixed and he just has to split them among the new recruits like you while taking them in. But how much will each one get, in this way is totally up to him or her to decide. The coach has the full discretion in that regards.

What Schools Offer the Golf Scholarship?

It is not just the NCAA offers scholarship programs. There are other scholarship associations that are also worth applying for. Besides NCAA, there are the NAIA, or the National Association of the Intercollegiate Athletics, and the NJCAA or National Junior College Athletic Association.

Yes, it is a dream for everyone to get a D1 or D2 college and get a position there. But there is world beyond that too and the D3 NAIA scholarships are equally challenging. Competence and talent also play a big role in anyone’s career as a golfer.  A few top schools and scholarship programs for men and women where you can check out for your scholarships are:

  • UCLA (For men and women- D1 under NCAA)
  • Florida Southern (For men and women, Under NCAA D2)
  • Oklahoma City (For men and women, Under NAIA)

There are many other such schools and programs that you can check out from the official website of these associations itself.

What Stats do you Need to have?

Keep close note of your score across all the matches that you have played to the last point. Take note of the fairways you score, the putts per round, Also mention the name of the course, the slope and the conditions wherein you scored. Many coaches look for the tiniest of details to check your endurance, and your skill at making that score.

How to Improve Your Prospects

One simple way to ace the score and become eligible for the scholarship is to be good at it. If you know the way to swing, and hit shots you are sure to score high in great tournaments. So practice regularly with portable practice net from Hewolf and improve your chances at acing the game.


-Thomas Castillo

Content Writer

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