Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing


If the golf bug has bitten you, chances are that you too are already contemplating membership at one of the local golf clubs. This game is not just a lot to do about class and focus, but also about serenity and swing. That is exactly why the golfers who learn the ropes of this sport hardly quit. They develop love that stays with them not just in their lifetime but passes on to their successors as well. A classic made golf bag becomes an heirloom worth its mettle and those who have won a few tournaments, the star in the family.

But if you are looking at learning the game, then practice is a must. We are not just talking about the golf clubs and balls; we also are talking about familiarizing with the techniques and swings.

Practice with nothing but the best of equipment

Practice goes a long way and since the game of golf has just the players hitting the shots, at par or above. It is also necessary to shop from a reputed store for a few equipment like the Golf practice net, and Swing training aid to develop the skill.

It is true that if a golf gear is great and functional to start with, it can be your winning kit for sure. Just remember to know the best trainers or experts around to teach you the fine tricks to hit some brilliant shots on the turf.

What types of practice nets would suit you?

Before you buy practice nets, here are a few ones to check out:

  • Portable Golf Chipping Pitching Practice Net: Given that you are in a city without much of a lawn or garden, this portable net is just for you. The portable and compact pop up golf chipping pitching practice net is just right for you. The setting up of this net will take a few minutes and you are good to go. It does not even take space since it can be folded and stored away for use later. Such convenience is a reason for the people to go for these types of nets. The mesh of the net and a black circular frame are firm and do not move as you swing and hit the ball in it. Try using a ball dispenser to take many shots at a go.
  • Hewolf Golf practice net: Those who want to practice in their backyard or even on the green playground nearby can pitch this smart and firm Hewolf practice net. The net gets a bull’s eye mark on it too for you to take an aim and hit. The beginners who wish to take a great swing and be a professional can try to practice using this Hewolf practice net, which measures 300x168x200cm.

Swing Training Aids to check out

Now that you have a fair idea on the types of nets to use for practice, here is more on the Swing training aids to invest on. Posture and the position of legs play a vital role in getting the swing right.

  • Swing Training Aid: One of the most important tools to adjust the clubhead’s speed and direction is this aid. It helps in gaining more distant shots, while aiding in smooth turn of the body. The Swing training aid from Hewolf gets a nylon fabric for firm grip and for being light at the same time. The straps are adjustable with a buckle lock system to fasten it at the right places.

Tips for Acing the Swing

  • Hand movement and control: Right from the time, you hold the club to take a swing and cut through a divot, to set the golf ball fly high, you need a firm grip. Your hand need not be at the top. Rather lower your hold on the club to hit the ball high.
  • Stance: Your legs and the entire lower part of the body play a vital role in your shots too. A standard position is the K position, which is great and the most preferred one too.
  • Know the swing: When you are starting out, you may not know many of the drives and swings. There is a backswing, which is the most popular, and then the downswing. The thumbs up and thumbs down rules also come to play here. Hitting the power drive might seem like a dream but it is certainly possible for anyone who practices.

Talking of the practice, every beginner has to go for practicing the swings to ace up. But it is something that would take time and those with a special eye and great hand-eye coordination, can pick it up in no time.


-Thomas Castillo

Content Writer

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